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Emperor Cameron?

Tory leader David Cameron talks tough on Russia. His bellicose rhetoric and his visit to a scene of war sets a dangerous precedent for a leader of the opposition. It is surely a first in ALL British history.

Behind the sleazy skin deep gloss hides the beef. And its ripe for attack.

The Tories sit with a quasi-fascist alliance in the Council of Europe, which does indeed include the DICTATOR of the hour, PUTIN, himself.

The "European Democrat Group" is a veritable who's-who of tyrants, fascists and extremists. I don't doubt the tory party's respect for democracy - but why would a self respecting democratic party hang about with that lot?

Cameron talks about suspending visa access for Russian nationals. He talks tough, but acts weak.

He evidently believes that he is Prime Minister in waiting - but when it comes to statesman like action (taking himself out of the would be emperors club) he is found flipping and flopping, gasping for air, in a party that is policy void, complacency ridden - running a campaign based on presumption (read: natural right? some return to established order...), and treating the voters for fools. 

If WE cant defeat THIS shambles. We don't deserve to be in power. Our machine was once great.


It can and is WAITING to be again. The hacks are buying the tory sham - but they quiver in fear at the blogs and the internet age for they know that tory party words are never backed with action.




Boris Johnson attacks David Cameron



"If you believe the politicians, we have a broken society, in which the courage and morals of young people have been sapped by welfarism and poltiical correctness. And if you look at what is happening in the Beijing Olympics you can see what piffle that is."

Its the evening standard - so it must be true ;) Why they would print clearly damaging material for the tories is strange - could they actually be making up for the mayoralty? 

What joy though....the most powerful elected tory dismissing his leaders mantra as "piffle." Which of course it is - its complete, absolute bull.

Please let there be a recording somewhere..... 


Tory thinktank: "liverpool has failed."

**** Hurrah for Vera Baird MP (Redcar), First salvo of the day (FIRST OF MANY?) -  "Exactly the sort of vindictive, anti-northern thinking that led to the widespread industrial decline of swathes of the north under Thatcher. Cameron can distance himself from this all he wants but he needs to explain why his friends have no faith in the North." - Perfect response, tied to Cameron and the mention of the devil itself. ****


Today, we see the sheer brass neck of the Policy Exchange thinktank (POLICY DIRECTOR Anthony Brown would be sure to feature in a would-be tory government)

Apparently, great cities like Liverpool and Sunderland have "failed" and that the citizens of said cities should be PAID TO MOVE SOUTH - the situation is apparently that bad.

Anthony Brown is due to be working for Boris. This could be big for the tories if labour grab onto it. Alot of doom and gloom eminating from the tories these days.

"Broken Britain","broken familes", "broken economy" and apparently - "failed cities." - Sounds like a broken record to me. Someone needs to go a cheer up the conservative party - you would think with their poll lead they could be afford to be a little more positive in their policy ideas.  

Purnell out Privatises the Tories

Purnell has made a speech that makes the Tory Privitaisation policies seem almost Socialist...

In a move from existing Labour practices of identifying areas ripe for Privitisation, Purnell has now invited outside businesses to put in bids for any part of the DWP they can see a profit in

Following extract from PCS website...

Silly liberals

The House of Lords is voting today on whether or not a referendum should be held over the lisbon treaty.

The tories are calling for a referendum (no surprise) - they would love nothing more than to rip the UK out of europe.

What is interesting is the Liberal's position. Clegg tells his MP's to abstain when the issue was in the commons, but then tells his peers to vote against a referendum in the lords.

Very confused.  

PMQ's - 42 days

Brown was quite the statesman today; a powerful and strong performance - maintaining a position in the face of defeat, - could you ever see cameron do that?  Cameron looked weak harking on about civil liberties; well guess what - we are at war with radical islamic extremism, and if the police need more time to question; then they should be granted all the time in the world.

Sleazy Spelman

Another day, ANOTHER sleazy tory. Today, it is non other than the tory party chairman, Caroline Spelman - paying her nanny out of her parliamentary expenses; but of course the nanny did secretarial work for Ms Spleman and thats why she was paid out of expenses.

Even more laughable, she is in charge of regulating her colleagues expenses.


Corrupt - Eshaq Khan (tory...who else?)

This is the sort of news that should be making headlines; please read the judgment of Eshaq Khan's "corrupt and illegal practices."

Sleazy tory - Giles Chichester

The BBC is reporting that the tory leader in Europe, Giles Chichester (Cameron's sleaze buster no less), channeled [read: embezzled] hundreds of thousands of pounds into a family firm.

Cameron Auschwitz 'gimmick' remarks

Labour party is calling for an apology from Cameron on remarks he has made today in a speech, where he said that Government support for trips to Auschwitz was a 'gimmick', one of many used by Brown.

"Trips to Auschwitz" was listed as one of 26 'gimmicks' in a briefing note from the Tory party accompanying Mr Cameron's speech in Bolton.

Who's the Met / Home Office mole?

2 leaks in less than a week...

First, the 'Police, Cameron. Action' announcement last week, coming immediately after Cabinet discussion and impending moves on the same... (Nick Robinson refered to this on the Politics Show last week)

Now, David Davis claiming he wrote to the PM on the bugging back in December...

Liberal conservatism

A discussion about liberal conservatism

Vote Blue, Go Flying

I read this in Private Eye some time back.
What does Michael Howard think of David Camerons plan to discourage air travel?

Probably not a lot.

To Gordon Brown and the next Labour deputy leader

This is the way we will win the next general elections.