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The Empire Strikes Back

What a strange couple of days. The Dirty Digger’s evil empire flexed its muscles on Sunday, but by Monday the Beeb had made some more, and by the looks of it, extremely serious problems for them. There has always been a suspicion that News International (NI) holds back from exposing all the peccadilloes they discover [...]

This is not Cameron and Murdoch

It should be stressed that Alexander Armstrong is not playing David Cameron and Michael Kitchen is not playing Rupert Murdoch. Have to say I did enjoy watching Hacks.

Rats and Sinking Ships

“So long and thanks for all the fish.” I know I’m mixing up my animals but doesn’t Kelvin MacKenzie seem a bit of an ingrate? He has done very well by his association with News International (NI) over the years and had been supporting them in their fight to limit damage done by the phone [...]