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All’s not fair in the Tories

I do seem to find some little gems in the opinion pages of the Telegraph. As I’ve stated before I’m a bit of an admirer of Peter Oborne. Today’s gem isn’t from him, but from the Telegraph’s Deputy Political Editor, James Kirkup. He comments about the unfairness of Cameron quickly referring Sayeeda Warsi for investigation [...]

Equal justice under the law

Equal justice under the law, that’s what’s engraved on the US Supreme Court Building in Washington. I’m sure it means just as much to Brits as Americans, but it will be tested over the next couple of years. Yesterday at the High Court in London News International (NI) settled a bunch of civil cases brought [...]

This is not Cameron and Murdoch

It should be stressed that Alexander Armstrong is not playing David Cameron and Michael Kitchen is not playing Rupert Murdoch. Have to say I did enjoy watching Hacks.

Rats and Sinking Ships

“So long and thanks for all the fish.” I know I’m mixing up my animals but doesn’t Kelvin MacKenzie seem a bit of an ingrate? He has done very well by his association with News International (NI) over the years and had been supporting them in their fight to limit damage done by the phone [...]

I used to love you, but it’s all over now.

Just a couple of years ago Cameron and Clegg defeated, quite rightly, the then government over the Gurkha right to settle in the UK issue. Phil Woolas, the Mr. Nasty of New Labour, made a complete cock-up of the issue. It ended up with the government’s only friend on the issue being the BNP, and [...]