All praise to John Prescott

John Prescott has today confessed that, for many years, while operating at the top of British politics he was suffering from the eating disorder Bulimia.

John Prescott's brave confession is significant for a number of the reasons.  The first being that it is often hard for men in politics to exhibit any kind of 'vulnerability' lest they be considered "soft" and "not up to the job".

The fact that John Prescott, who was considered one of the "hardest" men in politics had publicly confessed to suffering from a disorder more associated with young women, should remind the cynical public that our MPs are still human beings and many of them do struggle to cope with the 24/7 pressure coming at them from all angles.

John Prescott's statement today was also groundbreaking for another reason - his age.  What man of that generation have you ever heard talking about his illnesses and the feelings associated? 

Many men of that age think they're being a wimp if they even take a trip to the Doctors for a minor chest complaint.

I salute you John Prescott.  What you've done today was so brave - you won't realise how many people you've helped today but I think it's up there in the thousands. 

If your words help more men (and women) in this country, and others, to seek help for their own eating disorders, you will have contributed even more to your already great legacy.

Read about John Prescott's battle with bulimia on the BBC:

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Well said.

Re: All praise to John Prescott (#2)

If you believe this non-story you'll believe anything.