Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East selection

Despite receiving nominations from nine union branches, former minister Chris Leslie is believed to be stepping down from the selection in Hull East, the seat made available by the announcement of John Prescott's retirement.

It appears there is an overwhelming desire in the constituency for a local candidate.

Leslie has spent a lot of time talking to party members in the constituency in recent months, however, it is said he feels it would be difficult to continue without having enough local Party branch nominations in a very competitive field. Hull East is clearly a close knit community and there is an evident desire for a very local candidate. As such, he has decided to wrap up his campaign at this point and will no longer be seeking selection in Hull East.

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Wards Nominations (#1)

Does anyone know the nominations made by the last 3 ward branches last week?

From the local papers I get that the following branches nominated (open/female/bme)

Southcoates East: Karl Turner/?/?
Longhill: Karl Turner/Della Georgeson/George McNamara

Southcoates West: David Prescott/Della Georgeson/Khevyn Limbajee

Drypool: Gary Wareing/Della Georgeson/George McNamara

Holderness: Gary Wareing/?/?

Sutton, Ings and Marfleet wards were making nominations last week but I didn't find anything on them on the local paper website.

If Leaslie is withdrawing, I guess he didn't pick any nominations from the last 3 ward branches.

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#2)

On open nominations Gary Wareing and Karl Turner both have 4 each and are the two clear front runners.

 Gary's are Drypool, Holderness, Womens Section and ASLEF.

 Karls are Southcoates East, Longhill, Marfleet and Sutton.

 David Prescott also has 2 with Southcoates West and Ings.


There is only one website so far ( )  usually see quite a few in selections these days.

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#3)

No wonder Khevyn Limbajee was thrashed in a London by election last week.  He was clearly spending all his time in Hull!

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#4)

So Turner won Marfleet and Sutton and Prescott Jr won Ings nomination.

Are Turner, Wareing, Prescott, Georgeson, McNamara and Limbajee the only ones with nominations (not counting Leslie)?

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#5)

I take it that Gary's website is one of yours Bobby? It's a bit light on content and message - you could at least put some sort of biographical details on?

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#6)

RE: only one website - that's not actually correct:

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#7)

Any other candidates' websites you aren't telling us about Bobby?!

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#8)

Davids blog has been running for a while, not really a selection website. Sorry should have mentioned it.

Southcoates East was Mubarik Iqbal/Mulready/Turner
Longhill was McNamara/Della/Turner
Drypool was McNamara/Della/Wareing
Holderness was McNamara/Della/Wareing
Southcoates West was Limbajee/Della/Prescott
Marfleet was Limbajee/Della/Turner
Ings was McNamara/Della/Prescott
Sutton was "steve the greek"/Mulready/Turner
Womens Section was Limbajee/Della/Wareing

UNITE has gone for McNamara, UNISON & GMB for Leslie and ASLEF for Wareing.

I may have a couple of the BAME ones the wrong way around.

Shortlisting is Sat morning.

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#10)

GMB has switched its nomination from Leslie to Wareing, not sure who UNISON are going for now.

Re: Chris Leslie withdraws from Hull East (#9)

looks like Chris Leslie was faced with a similar as Stephen Twigg in Liverpool West Derby last september, except Stephen won over the initialy sceptical locals about the issue of having a non local.

and a fine job he has done in Liverpool West Derby since selection. I like Chris so i cant help feeling the people of Hull East have missed out.