Racist Boris Exposed


According to this article in Blink, Boris Johnson is in fact a racist, Xenophobic, tory toff.(This was already known to us of course).

He said Nelson Mandela's South Africa was a "tyranny of black majority rule.”

He also referred to black children as “piccaninnies” and said Africans have “watermelon smiles.”

Red Ken says that voters should focus on Johnson's policies which are so right-wing “he makes Norman Tebbit look like a cuddly liberal.”

Fortunatly this is getting through to people, I know a regular tory voter who told me he would be voting for Ken just to keep Boris out.

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I really, really hope that Boris gets the nomination! But remember guys, let's not use all the ammunition before he gets the nomination - it will be better to attack him once it's certain it's a Boris v. Ken contest.

Boris is a vile creature and I have no doubts that up against Ken he'd be completely flawed.

Editor: You might want to stick this story on the front page with a nice big picture of Boris looking gormless?!

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Recommned it, Northern Monkey, and it will zoom to the front page!

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#3)

I've sent emails to Ken, Harriet Harman and Tom Watson.

This is great stuff, the next time the tories falsely accuse Ken of being an anti-semite, they will have a big surprise.

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Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#5)

...also check out TMP editor Chuka Umunna's piece here - www.tmponline.org.

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#6)

Boris is bonkers; the man is an out and out bounder.

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#7)

Note also this from Blink:

Writing in The Spectator, a magazine he edited, Johnson says: “The problem [with Africa] is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.”

The article, from February 2002, was penned after Johnson returned from a trip to Uganda. Calling for the return of colonial rule, he wrote: “The best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction; on the understanding that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.”

Is he one of the Tories reading Hague's book about Wilberforce on his holidays? After all...Boris's press office says he is unable to comment until he returns in three weeks!

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And more!  The Tories should be ashamed of themselves:

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Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#10)

The Tories really are the nasty party.

Just take a look at some of the Tory blogs like Iain Dale and Tory Home and some of the comments made are vile.

In particular it's sad to see that Doreen Lawrence (Stephen's mother) has suffered abuse because she spoke out about Boris Johnson's comments.

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#13)

To be fair, the Tory blogosphere IS made up of either a.) incredibly antisocial hatemongering bastards or b.) foaming Care in the Community cases. There ARE a lot of nasty Tories about. The "grassroots" Tories at the local residents association I used to attend, you couldn't tell them apart from the BNP supporters in terms of opinion on social issues.

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#11)

Well all this shows the tories haven't changed at all.

In 1964 they campaigned with the slogan "If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour".

At least Boris is honest, he says what all the tories think.

So after all this I think Boris will have a bit of a hard time getting elected as mayor.

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#12)

The Tories are now damned if they select him and damned if they don't!

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#14)

Buffoonsih Boris or Ken Livingstone, a man with more baggage than a Sloane Ranger cut loose with daddy's credit card.

A damning indictment on London's inability to attract a top drawer Mayor.

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#15)

You do realise that Compass is in danger of making Boris look like a competent threat don't you?  If he's such a joke why are they wasting time and effort trying to derail his nomination as a candidate?

The point is made in the posting here.

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Even the FT did an article exposing Boris's true opinions and showing how modern he is.

It's important this gets about because people think he's just a laugh and don't realise what a racist, xenophobic, toff he is.

The voting system is in our favour though, I don't see greens, respect supporters or lib dems (well some will) supporting boris, so he will get the UKIP and BNP support only.

Re: Racist Boris Exposed (#17)

In a few years time we could see a Labour London mayor with a Tory government.

The real dilemma facing Labour is if Scotland separates from Britain.   Not only would this mean Labour losing much-needed seats, but it increases the chances of the Tories getting in and, scaringly, staying there.

Up here, we are told English voters aren't particularly bothered about Scotland leaving the Union.

Those wishing to see Labour in power should be.

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If Scotland were to break away (which I doubt will happen anytime soon) then we really would have to introduce PR in the Commons to ensure we don't have a permanent Conservative government.

But providing the UK stays together, I can't see there being a Tory government for a good few years.

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Divorce may not be imminent, but who would have thought they would see the Sepearatists in power?   It only seems like yesterday that they were in disarray.

This issue should be a major cause for concern for anyone keen on maintaining the Union.

Wee Eck has had loads of publicity over what he calls 'London Labour's' meddling.   This has to end.   Holyrood has been on the go now for 8 years.   Discussions aimed at granting it more powers should begin.   That topic should be a top 3 priority next time Brown and Alexander meet.

Out-foxing the Tories with PR is the wrong way to go about it.   Brown should call out Cameron each time his rural Tories try to stoke up Middle England sentiment.