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Today Cameron said:

“Too many state actions, services and decisions are carried out by people who cannot be voted out by the public, by organisations that feel no pressure to answer for what happens, in a way that is completely unaccountable.”

The first thing that he intends to do if he became Prime Minister is to create a mega-quango, a quango which will oversee a sixth of the government’s budget. That’s £108bn. This new quango will dwarf the £34bn he thinks he could save by cutting current quangos.

The details are all in the Tory proposals for health. The relevant section is 3.1.1, which describes the new quango, the NHS Board:

NHS Board members will be appointed by The Secretary of State for Health on the basis of recommendations made by the Appointments Commission.

These are not elected, and they are not even appointed through a proper job appointment process, instead they are appointed by The Secretary of State for Health.

Review what Cameron said in his speech today about quangos. Cameron moaned about: people who cannot be voted out by the public. Now review what he is proposing for the NHS Board (appointed by The Secretary of State for Health). These will not be people who are elected. They cannot be removed by the public if they do not meet their commitments. This is a quango, pure and simple.

Yet the hypocrisy from Cameron is rich because the quango he is planning to create will be huge! It will dwarf any of the other quangos he plans to remove. Look further into the details about this quango:

legislation will require that the Secretary of State relinquish [powers] and that powers in relation to providing NHS services are undertaken through the NHS Board

Here, the Tories are saying that power will be taken from elected ministers and handed to this mega-quango! Remember, you cannot boot out these people through the ballot box. Furthermore, these unelected people will be handling £108bn of our money with Cameron’s blessings to spend it how they wish:

NHS resource allocation should be set by the NHS Board, independently of Ministers.

Note that: independently of Ministers that is, there will be no control by elected representatives over how this quango spends a sixth of the government budget! It is unbelievable that Cameron wants to allow a quango to spend that much money.


The NHS Board will also be responsible for publishing guidelines for NHS commissioners

Who are these “commissioners”? Well, they are the people who decide the providers of the healthcare you get through the NHS. You will not decide. You will not be able to change the people who decide. The NHS Board, the mega-quango decides. If you do not like the healthcare providers that are imposed on you there is nothing you can do about it because they are an unelected quango. In section 3.4 the Tories mention further what this will mean:

we will enable any willing provider, who is able to meet NHS standards within NHS tariffs, to offer services to NHS commissioners.

That is an announcement of impending privatisation. The NHS Board, an unelected quango, will impose on commissioners the healthcare providers that can used, and under the Tories their policy is to use private providers. It is clear that the Tories want to privatise the NHS piecemeal. They will do this through their mega-quango, the NHS Board.

Cameron “the quango killer” will create a huge quango to oversee the privatisation of the NHS. What hypocrisy!

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6 Responses to “More Hypocrisy From Cameron”

  1. markm8080 says:

    “It is unbelievable that Cameron wants to allow a quango to spend that much money.”

    I agree. They should be spending far less. I assume you agree that the NHS board quango should have it’s budget cut annually, as part of efforts to bring the deficit under control?

  2. aneurin says:

    Hypocrisy is when you say one thing, but do another. Since Diddy Dave is the Leader of HM’s Opposition, he isn’t in a position to do anything at all, hence he can’t possibly be guilty of hypocrisy in this regard. What you actually mean is that Conservative policy is contradictory. I know that doesn’t sound half so exciting, but there you go, that’s the English language for you.

    It’s also a point much better made by everyone’s favourite anarchist Mr Guido Fawkes, who notes that the Tories have actually proposed no less than 17 new quangos so far, in addition to the NHS board.

    • richard.blogger says:

      Thank you Mr aneurin, I was point out his future hypocrisy, but I will settle for contradictory for now.

      BTW also many thanks for the pointer to Guido, I have just had a look and as usual found that his post was just a rehash of stuff you can find elsewhere (hey Paul, go on, rehash me!). In clear writing he says Source : Labour Party press office. But neither the Labour press office, nor Guido lists the NHS Board, yet as I have outlined, the NHS Board will be a mega-quango controlling a budget of over £100 billion.

      • richard.blogger says:

        Bugger, I missed the last sentence: my apologies to Guido for my comment above, at least he is paying attention. And bugger again, for not posting this earlier this afternoon and getting it posted before him :-(

  3. treborc says:

    Life goes on, quangos have been set up and people placed on them who are mates friends of a Party, somebody who has given a large enough donation might be given a job on a quangos.

    I do not know if I care enough to get worked up about this or expect it..

  4. [...] A number of people have spotted the Tory promise to set up a super-quango; the NHS Board. Possibly related posts: [...]

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