New Labourhome: A work in progress - written by Alex Hilton

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We have moved to a new content management system. Please bear with me while we make things interesting.

If you are a registered user, you will need a new password. Click here to have it emailed to you.

Many thanks

Alex Hilton
[email protected]
07985 384 859

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36 Responses to “New Labourhome: A work in progress”

  1. interrobang interrobang says:

    Moving to the Wordpress software is a good move, it’s extendable and scalable. I’ve been working with Alex on giving the site a more interesting look and feel, and I think what we have come up with is the best LabourHome site so far.

    It’s almost done pending Alex a-ok’ing it, but hopefully people like it and help the overall image of Labour online which so far has been pretty boring.

  2. AngryVoter AngryVoter says:

    Just hit things with hammers quickly!

  3. NB NB says:

    I miss the Polls – they were pretty interesting.

  4. AngryVoter AngryVoter says:

    Pwor, looks good now mate.

    Well done Alex and Jag!

  5. Group51 Group51 says:

    I like it.

    Just testing for line breaks…

    How about a URL?

    And Youtube?

  6. Group51 Group51 says:

    Well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!

  7. interrobang interrobang says:

    Hehe, all these things can be added and I’m sure Alex will as they’re demanded :) I’ve suggested him a good blogging solution and hopefully that’ll be implemented soon.

  8. NorthernMonkey NorthernMonkey says:

    Congratulations on the new site Alex, it looks fantastic.

  9. lgill lgill says:

    Nice work. It looks a lot better. Transitions are often a little shaky. But is it me, or did some posts that were put up this morning get lost during the move? Also, has the “recommended” function gone? I do hope not, as I enjoyed it as part of the whole user-generated vibe. Equally, not entirely convinced that a recent comment roll is massively necessary. The blogs to which they are attached are already up there.

    • interrobang interrobang says:

      I think the recent comment block will encourage more discussion, if people see one particular story is active they will be more inclined to add their 2p I’d imagine.

      • NorthernMonkey NorthernMonkey says:

        Agreed, I like seeing which are the latest comments. Saves having to trawl through all the recent posts to see if anyone’s said something new.

  10. NorthernMonkey NorthernMonkey says:

    Anyone worked out how we get the avatars changed yet?

  11. rwendland rwendland says:

    I cannot post comments containg URLs any longer. The comment is just quietly dropped. Here is something I just tried with “http” changed to “xttp” to get it posted:

    … Forgot the FT story link:


    The Mail and Telegraph have copied the FT story today:



  12. rwendland rwendland says:

    I cannot post comments containg URLs any longer. The comment is just quietly dropped. Anyone else have this problem?

    • rwendland rwendland says:

      Sorry folks about my multiple attempts at comments including URLs all suddenly arriving in 2 or 3 articles.

      Alex said a new spam filter was holding back comments with URLs in them for moderation. He is now authorising users so these wont be held up in the future.

  13. NorthernMonkey NorthernMonkey says:


    Is there any way we can get the function buttons for general replies, as well as when we start posts (eg. for italics, adding links, adding videos, block quotes etc…)

  14. richard64 richard64 says:

    Is there a tutorial anywhere?

    Can I add html? (If that is italic, then the answer is yes.)

    The previous version gave me a list of my comments on my profiel so that I could see how many people had replied, is that possible with the new version?

    Sometimes I see a comment without a Reply link, is this a bug?

    • Oldham Avenger The Oldham Avenger !! says:

      Yes you can use html coding for italics and underlining and other stuff.

      When you see a comment with out a reply link I have a suspicion that there is some form of limit on a reply to a reply to a reply

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