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Peter Oborne on Israel

I have written before of my liking of Peter Oborne’s pieces in the Daily Telegraph. I have very little in common with the man, and probably even less with his politics, but what comes through in his writings is that they say what he really believes in, and that he holds both himself and others [...]

Cameron’s Gay Witch-Hunt

When David Cameron was ambushed by Phillip Schofield on daytime TV he must have been pretty annoyed. That didn’t follow the Tony Blair rule book that sitting on a sofa in these shows was a safe bet. No big questions need be answered and it’s so much easier than being in with the likes of [...]

What a more flexible workforce really means.

Our young Tory rising stars, and authors of the recent Britain Unchained book, look towards Asia for examples of a less rule-bound, more flexible, and of course cheaper, workforce. I wonder if Vijay Mallya, owner of India’s Kingfisher Airlines is considered a role model. Read a very disturbing article in today’s Independent.

Boris thinks Andrew Mitchell should be arrested

Thanks to Guido for the link. Boris points out that Andrew ‘Thrasher’ Mitchell will go on to commit worse crimes if he is not arrested right now.

More Than My Jobsworth

With the rightful criticism of Michael Gove influencing the exam boards and their unfair treatment of British students,what is happening to overseas students at London Metropolitan University (LMU) could easily be missed. That would be a shame as it involves equally unfair treatment, albeit of a much smaller number of students. Being from outside of [...]

Will they ever get it?

According to The Independent’s story, Nick Clegg’s right hand man, Richard Reeves, has just left the building. Family reasons seems to be the excuse. Now Mr. Reeves is an experienced political back-room boy, ex-Labour and ex-Demos. Not much you could tell this boy about politics is there? So, according to The Independent, what is his [...]

Can Jon Cruddas save social democracy in Britain?

Ed Miliband’s promotion of Jon Cruddas to be the Labour Party’s policy guru may the cleverest decision he has made so far as party leader and/or it may be the last roll of the dice for a real social democrat party in Britain and Ed Miliband’s leadership. The first problem with Jon being the answer [...]

All’s not fair in the Tories

I do seem to find some little gems in the opinion pages of the Telegraph. As I’ve stated before I’m a bit of an admirer of Peter Oborne. Today’s gem isn’t from him, but from the Telegraph’s Deputy Political Editor, James Kirkup. He comments about the unfairness of Cameron quickly referring Sayeeda Warsi for investigation [...]

What the Tories didn’t want you to see.

Having made so much of being a transparent government it should have been a surprise when the Tories on the Commons Public Accounts Committee decided that the three whistle-blower’s evidence against A4e and Working Links, private companies working for the Department of Work and Pensions, should be heard in private, not public. Then again Cameron’s [...]

Best Wishes to All on May Day

I wish all the readers a happy May Day.