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The Radical Alternative to Austerity

This post is to help circulate John McDonnell’s recent article. John McDonnell can be found here. The Radical Alternative to Austerity.  The austerity programme of the Coalition government is not just failing; it is prolonging and deepening the recession. Cuts in investment in public services, in jobs, wages, pensions and benefits are creating mass unemployment [...]

Being nice to a Tory

Having just been rather rude about the appearance of a Tory minister below I think I will now be nice to a Tory MP. David Ruffley has an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph where he looks at why we haven’t come to terms with the bankers and the catastrophe they produced. He even looks [...]

Is there are social market solution for utility planning?

The government’s proposed shake up of planning law looks suspiciously like the proposals they opposed when not in government. From my uneducated view, planning reforms all seem like government attempts to stimulate the economy by making it easier to attract capital investment, ultimately generating revenue from land. But planning is one of those areas where [...]