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The Radical Alternative to Austerity

This post is to help circulate John McDonnell’s recent article. John McDonnell can be found here. The Radical Alternative to Austerity.  The austerity programme of the Coalition government is not just failing; it is prolonging and deepening the recession. Cuts in investment in public services, in jobs, wages, pensions and benefits are creating mass unemployment [...]

It’s not my joke.

This is the first time I have linked to a Labourlist article. Usually I find their  contributors are drawn too much from the career apparatchiks who infest the Labour Party now-a-days. But here’s a post well worth publicizing written by Luke Sorba and called Don’t Mention the War. To give you an idea of the [...]

We believe him don’t we children?

From the Independent.

They still don’t get it.

“They still don’t get it.” I don’t even know who the phrase belongs to now. Cameron and Miliband throw it at each other in parliament, but if there is one group that still doesn’t get it, it has to be our political class. Let’s take two of today’s morning papers, the Telegraph and the Sun. [...]

The Americanization of British Politics

The old joke was knowing when a politician was lying by watching for any mouth movement. In recent history it’s not a joke anymore, it’s the accepted truth. It would be easy to blame it on the MPs’ expense scandal, but I think it goes further back than that. As Peter Oborne, from a right [...]

The greed’s still there

Thanks to the Daily Telegraph buying the purloined MP expenses CD we found out just how many of our politicians followed the ‘Greed  is Good’ line from the 1970s. Now we are beginning to see how the very topmost layer of our civil service was quite happy to follow it also. Last year the porcine [...]

Can Ed Miliband learn from Obama

The Obama presidency has looked in trouble for more than a year. The Republicans have blocked any attempt he makes to get some growth back into the economy and his recent actions and attitude have been that of a beaten man. He was getting blasted with much the same conservative rhetoric as Ed Miliband has [...]

Going Greek

As we move even closer to a double-dip recession, or even a possible 1930′s style depression, what is happening in Greece and to a lesser extent in Ireland should be a warning to British social democrats. Do you remember just a short time ago that Cameron, Osborne and the Tory press were laughing at Ed [...]

Where do you go to…

What does the working man do when he no longer has a political party to turn to? He can see he is being made to pay for the mistakes of the bankers and the political class, but finds none of the politicians willing to stand up and say that the rich should pay, not the [...]

Being behind the curve

‘Behind the curve’. It really sounds like a phrase that should have come out of American baseball. You know, as in ‘behind the curve ball’. Apparently it has nothing to do with baseball. Shame. What is also a shame is that Ed Miliband and the leadership seem to be consistently behind the curve. Now there [...]