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Will they ever get it?

According to The Independent’s story, Nick Clegg’s right hand man, Richard Reeves, has just left the building. Family reasons seems to be the excuse. Now Mr. Reeves is an experienced political back-room boy, ex-Labour and ex-Demos. Not much you could tell this boy about politics is there? So, according to The Independent, what is his [...]

All’s not fair in the Tories

I do seem to find some little gems in the opinion pages of the Telegraph. As I’ve stated before I’m a bit of an admirer of Peter Oborne. Today’s gem isn’t from him, but from the Telegraph’s Deputy Political Editor, James Kirkup. He comments about the unfairness of Cameron quickly referring Sayeeda Warsi for investigation [...]

The difference a few years make

These last few years have changed us in so many ways. One that’s noticeable is that subjects which were once toxic to mention politically are now accepted by a larger section of the public. An example would be tax. Polls suggest that a majority of the public would like to see higher taxes on the [...]

They still don’t get it.

“They still don’t get it.” I don’t even know who the phrase belongs to now. Cameron and Miliband throw it at each other in parliament, but if there is one group that still doesn’t get it, it has to be our political class. Let’s take two of today’s morning papers, the Telegraph and the Sun. [...]

The Americanization of British Politics

The old joke was knowing when a politician was lying by watching for any mouth movement. In recent history it’s not a joke anymore, it’s the accepted truth. It would be easy to blame it on the MPs’ expense scandal, but I think it goes further back than that. As Peter Oborne, from a right [...]

Does age matter at all when it comes to voting?

Have guest posted on the Jailhouse Lawyer blog.   What do you think?

Scotland the free

I’m confused. The Government says that a Scottish independence referendum in 2013 is binding but in 2014 it will be illegitimate. I suspect this is an example of politicians making stuff up as it suits them rather than there being any profound democratic or constitutional principle at stake, and Labour has no business supporting the [...]

Faux feminism and the gender balanced leadership

There is a suggestion that the Labour Party rules should direct that where the Leader is male, the Deputy Leader should be female, and presumable vice versa. It makes me want to howl at not only how unfeminist it is as a proposal but how anti-feminist the effects could be. This is a notably warped [...]

How should Labour campaign in elections for police commissioners?

While the leadership is considering the refounding (or possibly confounding) of democracy in the party, the Conservatives are busy creating more elections. If they can hold the coalition together long enough to get the legislation through, Britain will be electing Police Commissioners for the first time this spring. As a thoroughly illiberal idea – a [...]