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Peter Oborne Again

Yes I know he is an extremely conservative man working for an extremely conservative newspaper but at times I just can’t help agreeing with him. I have nothing in common with him, yet his sense of disgust at our some of our new political class endears him to me. Below I’m going to paste a [...]

Can Ed Miliband learn from Obama

The Obama presidency has looked in trouble for more than a year. The Republicans have blocked any attempt he makes to get some growth back into the economy and his recent actions and attitude have been that of a beaten man. He was getting blasted with much the same conservative rhetoric as Ed Miliband has [...]

Equal justice under the law

Equal justice under the law, that’s what’s engraved on the US Supreme Court Building in Washington. I’m sure it means just as much to Brits as Americans, but it will be tested over the next couple of years. Yesterday at the High Court in London News International (NI) settled a bunch of civil cases brought [...]

The spin doctors are at work

I am posting a comment I made on David Osler’s blog earlier today. It’s about the recent statements made both both Ed Miliband and Ed Balls followed by the response of some union leaders. To me the Labour leadership is making a serious mistake and it has the smell of their press Svengali Tom Baldwin [...]

This is not Cameron and Murdoch

It should be stressed that Alexander Armstrong is not playing David Cameron and Michael Kitchen is not playing Rupert Murdoch. Have to say I did enjoy watching Hacks.

Where have all the workers gone…

Maybe not the most enthusiastic support from Glasman but encouraging for those of us who have been pointing out the lack of working class backgrounds in the PLP and our parliamentary candidates for a number years. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself agreeing with what John Reid was saying on Andrew Neil’s This Week [...]

Hug a Hoodie No More

I wonder where history will place the 2011 summer riots. Very high in the list of this year’s events in Britain I suspect. Will many historians go along with the British politicians’ claims of them not being political? They shouldn’t as we probably learned more about the attitudes of our political class than from anything [...]

I’m agreeing with Peter Oborne again!

Something’s changed. Is it me or Oborne? From his latest piece in the Telegraph it seems to be him. Quite rightly he points out that Thatcher is a divisive person who many, such as myself, dislike intensely. To give her a state funeral as Francis Maude is now discussing with the Royals is beyond the [...]

Is this the smoking gun?

We are often reminded that the cover-up can be worse than the initial crime. At is most extreme we saw the end of an American presidency with Richard Nixon. Today, instead of it being Nixon’s tapes we get James Murdoch’s emails. We have to remember that the younger Murdoch’s defense has been he didn’t know [...]

She’s a Good Hearted Woman

But she never complains of The bad times or the bad things he’s done She just talks about the good times they’ve had And all the good times to come Yes, there you go, Willie Nelson on a Labour blog. Yet I always wondered why Willie’s woman loves him in spite of his ways as [...]