Labour’s ’secret plan’ to lure migrants - written by Tankus

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“The release of a previously unseen document suggested that Labour’s migration policy over the past decade had been aimed not just at meeting the country’s economic needs, but also the Government’s “social objectives”.

The paper said migration would “enhance economic growth” and made clear that trying to halt or reverse it could be “economically damaging”. But it also stated that immigration had general “benefits” and that a new policy framework was needed to “maximise” the contribution of migration to the Government’s wider social aims.”

The Government has always denied that social engineering played a part in its migration policy.

However, the paper, which was written in 2000 at a time when immigration began to increase dramatically, said controls were contrary to its policy objectives and could lead to “social exclusion”.”

Hmm …. Feel another “British jobs , for British workers ” coming again ….


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28 Responses to “Labour’s ’secret plan’ to lure migrants”

  1. Maninthestreet says:

    Labours Immigration Policy for the last twelve years has been simple – flood the labour market with as much dirt-cheap imported labour as possible to fill all the ‘crap’ jobs the indigenous layabouts won’t do,and in return reap the Immigrant Vote.

    This was successful until the sky fell in on the economy and the housing crisis began to bite – now thanks to Labours totally irresponsible mismanagement of both Immigration and Asylum A million Brits are so angry they vote BNP,which only a few years ago would have been totally unthinkable.

    Illegal Immigration has rocketed under Labour with around half a million Illegals in London alone,and no realistic prospect of ever removing them,although even Labour realise that it would be political suicide to grant an amnesty,even though many on the left would like to do so.

    Labour richly deserve to be kicked out of office for a very,very, long time on the Immigration issue alone,and the Tories must deliver on their aims to cap inward migration to around 50,000 per annum or lower,if they fail many more will vote BNP for sure,and they will only have themselves to blame!

  2. Sousunpont says:

    It was also done

    “to rub the right’s nose in diversity”.

    Both of the reaasons in the comments above are worthy of these hoons not being elected in again for at least the next 50 years.

  3. Oldham Avenger says:

    flood the labour market with as much dirt-cheap imported labour as possible to fill all the ‘crap’ jobs the indigenous layabouts won’t do

    It’s move on a pace from there. The corporation I work for won’t employ UK graduates here in the UK- wage expectations are to high. They employ graduates from the baltic states instead. They can get an IT graduate on a 3 year contract for less than 25K. Graduates with management degrees (for HR etc) for even less. The reason they pick the Baltic states to recruit from is because all university education there is done in English so every graduate is fluent. They will take a UK graduate but only at those wage levels.

  4. Maninthestreet says:

    Tesco recently opened yet another large 24 hour opening store in Reading,they recruited direct from Poland and virtually all the night shift,around 50 staff are exclusively Polish,I believe they get around £6.00 per hour,and as you can imagine the pilfering has gone through the roof,I was amazed to find that apparently nearly 80% of theft from within Tesco nationally is believed to be perpetrated by their own staff – every little helps as they say!!

  5. DevonChap says:

    Gosh, if there really are these documents floating around then when the Tories get in if they had a public enquiry that released documents that Labour ministers encouraged immigration for political purposes it would be another thing to the list of reasons why Labour wouldn’t get re-elected for a decade. Of course the civi service woudl resit but they seem so exapserated with Labour at the moment they might go along with it.

    The Tories should be planning Chilcot style enquiries into the financial crisis and immigration to really establish Labour’s culpability in the public mind.

  6. treborc says:

    Labour will be spending big time within the next few weeks on shredders.

  7. Floating voter says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right. Didn’t something similar happen in the Ollie North case in the US some years ago?

  8. treborc says:

    You ever get the feeling we have had a bunch of cowboys running the country.

  9. DevonChap says:

    Lying deceitful cowboys. Labour wear blank hats.

  10. treborc says:

    The way I look at life is simple, if I was living in a third world country in poverty with no future what the F*ck would i do with my family, I’d head for a better country.

    I do not blame the people for coming here.

    But I can blame any party that does this from a view of social engineering thats a total disgrace.

    But i think we all knew for a long long time what new labour are up to, it’s about getting elected by all and any means possible.

  11. Oldham Avenger says:

    Immigrants are just after a better life. But governments that use immigration to contain, suppress or control wage levels or to socially engineer in any way shape or form are morally bankrupt and corrupt.

  12. Tankus says:

    I see that the mail has now got on the case after the telegraph
    with quite a big article.

  13. John_P_Reid says:

    I’m sure many Irish people got british residnecy when they came her to help rebuild docklands, same as Blair and the city wanting cheap labour 12 years ago, or for that matter when enoch powell opened up the commonwealth to come here and do jobs like driving buses and sweeping roads that no one else wanted to do

  14. Maninthestreet says:

    Enoch Powell wanted Immigration tightly managed and controlled for the benefit of the host country – Labour simply want it to drive down wages and gain votes – THAT’S the massive difference!!

  15. geekparent says:

    Also blogged by BOM.

  16. Maninthestreet says:

    Postman Plod Johnson was left looking silly yeaterday,not difficult really,when one of his Immigration Officer staff commented on TV that his latest so-called ‘crackdown’ on student visa abuse was indeed a stunt and a sham – no surprise there then.Labour simply CANNOT be trusted on Immigration.

  17. Fred Pitt says:

    Is this really a Labour website, or have I come to the wrong place – “Labour moan” rather than “Labour home”?

  18. treborc says:

    It Labour mate not new labour, which looking at some of your commnnets we know your another Blairite.

  19. Floating voter says:

    “Is this really a Labour website, or have I come to the wrong place – “Labour moan” rather than “Labour home”?”

    This is how people react when they feel betrayed, deceived and misled. If you want to pretend that everything is great then go hang out on LabourList where you can receive the party message in all its untarnished glory.

    On the morning after the election you can catch up with the rest of us. 1997 was Lanour’s election, this one belongs to the tories. If you disagree then I suggest you wait a few weeks and see what the result is.

    BTW, the date of the Budget should have been announced by now. It has not been. The odds on 25th March are looking a lot better.

  20. geekparent says:

    Think the election campaign has started? It hasn’t. Brown will call the election (whatever the date) with the shortest possible notice because he cannot face the music.

    I doubt whether those TV debates will happen either. Not enough time to fit them in.

  21. treborc says:

    TV debates…

    Well it was hoped to fit Brown with a receiver, so that Campbell could answer all the questions through a receiver in browns brain, sadly they failed to find the brain, and then when they finally did, he keeps answering the Voice who’s that is that you God…..

  22. Floating voter says:

    There is too much for Brown to lose if he hangs on. The chances are good that we may be back in recession this quarter simply due to the bad weather knocking out 7% of the quarter’s activity. Traditionally this is a quiet quarter which does not help and unemployment tends to go up in Jan/Feb.

    If Brown waits to May he will have to do a budget which would need austerity measures to stop the city dumping UK PLC, but which would play disasterously with the Labour electorate. Alternatively he can play to “The Party” vote in which case the city will break him.

    May is simply too dangerous. The budget is a minefield waiting to be stepped on. March will dispose of those pesky debates as well, especially if done at very short notice.

  23. treborc says:

    Yes but your talking about people being in the real work, politicians like Brown do not know the real world they are in the world of politics within Parliament.

    I still think Brown will hang on to the last minute in the hope everything with go hunky dory, and the Up swing will happen. Or of course the Tories will sink them selves

  24. swatantra says:

    Don’t believe these knockers. Actually Brown comes across quite well in these face to face meetings. I sat through his grilling of the Liason Committee. Relaxed composed and even managed to throw in a few good quips. A good session all round. if the TV Debates are conducted properly by the Interviewers and Moderators, Brown will come across as informed, on the ball and dedicated to serve. Cameron Clegg will come out as a couple of 6th formers, removed.

  25. treborc says:

    Thats not going to happen is it, these programs are about getting the facts, setting up an argument and leaving them go at it, otherwise who the hell would watch it, cozy coffee morning.

  26. geekparent says:

    Hopefully Brown would have to face up to some of the points raised here.

  27. Tankus says:

    From geek ’s link

    Brown … “A weak currency arises from a weak economy, which in turn is the result of weak government.”

    First time Browns said something that relates to reality.


    “Since March 17, 1998, sterling has lost about 14 per cent of its value against the Swedish krona, 24 per cent against the Chinese yuan, 33 per cent against the Swiss franc and 35 per cent against the Japanese yen.
    The euro was not a currency, as such, in 1998, but the website calculates that against a basket of currencies forming the euro, sterling has shed about 27 per cent of its value over the past 12 years. In that time, even the enfeebled American dollar has dipped less sharply than the pound.”

  28. treborc says:

    As Mr Brown said at the time: “Only once in a generation is the tax system fundamentally reformed.” So delighted was he with his Code for Fiscal Stability that he insisted: “Should any future government wish to take a different view, it should first be required to consult and persuade Parliament of the need to change.”

    That was the year he took from the poor by doubling tax band, gave it to the middle England voter telling them look I’m yours all your i can even hurt the poor to make your life better.

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