Boris thinks Andrew Mitchell should be arrested

Thanks to Guido for the link. Boris points out that Andrew ‘Thrasher’ Mitchell will go on to commit worse crimes if he is not arrested right now.

  • Anonymous

    Boris is in the media he is like a media tycoon these days, will he be the new leader of the Tories, I doubt it he’s happy as hell where he is.

    Now we are hearing Labour should really go for this and have a go at the lier, but throwing stones in green houses can be dangerous, after all how many Labour MP’s lied like hell about expenses some went to jail others left but the vast majority said sorry and got away with it and some kept the money they made. Some Labour MP’s decided to fight and punch other MP’s and whips, then it was said he was being sacked for having a drink problem, well of course labour was the party that suggested that employers help employees who have problems and not sack them.

    I think Labour will say little because those in green houses had better be pure.

    This will soon go away and then labour has to return to the real politics of saying nothing in case they annoy the beloved middle class.

    • Anonymous

      First time the Diplomatic Protection Service has leaked. The Fuzz are really mad about the cuts.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like BoJo is consistent.

      The Mayor told ITV London Tonight: “In my book you shouldn’t abuse police officers.”

      agreed that anyone swearing at a police officer should expect to be
      arrested, saying: “Absolutely and I’m very interested to see from the
      paper this morning that actually there was an offer to arrest Andrew

      • Anonymous

        Lucky the police did not arrest most of us in 1983 because boy did I use words likely to cause offense.

        Thatchers brown shirts, mind you that could well be used to some officer now.

        It not the swearing anyone can get angered it’s the words for god sake Pleb, bet the officers googled that one.

        • Anonymous

          I think Ian Tomlinson, Damian Green etc suggest the Police are not so much Thatcher’s brown shirts as the brown shirts of whoever is in power and upping their salaries.

          Now this government are trying to reform them the Filth don’t feel like saluting so quick. Maybe they’ll start investigating crimes, rather doing a half arsed job as they did with Mulcaire and the News of the World or the systematic grooming (note correct use of the word) of girls for sex in Rotherham.

  • Anonymous

    Hanging out with the mouth-breathers and window-lickers at Guido eh Peado? I’d have thought their language would be too much for you. On second thought, you fit right in.

    • LesAbbey

      DC maybe you should think fairly carefully where you are taking this. Maybe better we should ignore each other.

      • Anonymous

        I think I’ve made my point.

        • LesAbbey

          DC I think you need help and I don’t have the expertise or the time to give it. I also do not have the time to take part in long threads arguing for the sake of arguing. Therefore on my part I will ignore your comments unless I consider them getting out of hand and slanderous. At that point I will start by complaining to your ISP and email service.

          Of course anyone, for example Damian Green, who considers I am doing this to them can decide on their own course of action.

          I will leave you with this Wikipedia quote about Christopher Galley, the young man in the Home Office that the police considered was being groomed (not under age so no paedophile inference or even sexual inference) by Damian Green on the internet.

          Galley claimed that Green told him: “If you are fired, we will look
          after you”, but that his attempts to find work have been rebuffed;
          Conservative MPs, Galley averred, “don’t want to touch me now that I
          have done their dirty work”.

          I suggest you have one more pop under this comment and then try and find someone else who does have time for your weird games.

          • Anonymous

            Les. You are still defending mentioning out of context of both your OP and the actual police charges

          • Andy Williams

            Anyone who accepts what the Police say without deep suspicion is asking for trouble.

          • Anonymous

            Of course we have good and bad in all parts of society, look at Byrne with Labour and MIliband chasing after Blair.

            But I did feel for the two young police officers killed by an idiot with a grenade and revolver.

  • Harry Barnes

    For another clash with the law from a different perspective, see this on the 40th Anniversary of the Clay Cross Rent Rebellion –

  • Andy Williams

    I got arrested under the Public Order Act for taking the piss out of a police officer’s obviously fake tan (it was bright orange), oviously cosmetically whitened teeth (you needed sunglasses when he opened his trap), and his stupid gelled spiked hair (in uniform?) – told him he looked like a tart.

    POA Sect 5. threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour.

    Was in Court the next day – amazing this fast-track palaver. Was asked why I said it. Pointed at him and said coz it’s true – he does look like a tart. Much sniggering in the court – including the Clerk to the Justices, one of the Magistrates and the Clerk.

    Conditional Discharge – keep the peace for 12 months.

    Fucking farcical.