Will they ever get it?

Nick Clegg's right hand

According to The Independent’s story, Nick Clegg’s right hand man, Richard Reeves, has just left the building. Family reasons seems to be the excuse. Now Mr. Reeves is an experienced political back-room boy, ex-Labour and ex-Demos. Not much you could tell this boy about politics is there?

So, according to The Independent, what is his great regret?

He is still kicking himself over the university fees debacle which undoubtedly damaged Mr Clegg, for a broken election pledge more than an unpopular policy. Indeed, in a candid farewell interview, Mr Reeves admits he once kicked himself in the shins because of his own role in the debacle. He regrets that the near-trebling of fees was not branded a “capped graduate tax” and that he did not fight harder against the Treasury to ensure it was. “It was stupid; I was a bloody idiot,” he now admits.

I hate to be the one to tell you this Richard, but capped graduate tax wouldn’t have done any better. I suspect neither the students nor the public are quite as stupid as our political class thinks they are, or would prefer them to be. You see Richard your guys made a pledge, and made a big thing about it in towns and constituencies with many students, and then they broke that pledge.

Now I’m not  one for putting dog crap through Nick Clegg’s letter box, but doesn’t that tell you something about how you, the Liberals, are perceived Richard?

  • Anonymous

    I see the Liberal no different then I see labour or the Tories or UKIP these days, I doubt most of them would  be able to name a constituent in their locale  without asking somebody for help.

    My MP  and my local area is a hard line Mining village in Wales, the MP when she was voted in had a 12,000 majority, it’s now down to 3,000 and it looking more and more as if she will be gone ending 99 years of labour, reason, she backed Blair told us he would be a hero of the working class, then told us  brown would be a hero of the working class, then told us from her 1.9 million quid home in London, that Miliband looks to be a hero of the working class.

    I think this chap is going to America  because that’s were Cleggie will be going once he gets the boot

  • Anonymous

    The LibDem mess over tuition fees is a lesson politicians of all parties should mark well: Don’t make pledges you know to be impossible to keep just  because you think they will go down well with a part of the electorate you are targeting. Clegg knew he couldn’t keep the pledge to abolish tuition fees when he made it, in fact he knew (like everyone else) that they would have to go up but he made it all the same to court the students who had been going towards the LibDems since Iraq. It would have been fine if like every other election the LibDems weren’t going to be in government, but since a hung Parliament was the most likely result in 2010 it was a damned stupid mistake of old thinking. Cameron is going to have something similar over immigration numbers, but that won’t be quite as spectacular

    Miliband should be careful that Labour doesn’t make any similar pledges that won’t be possible and will back fire. Ruling out any cuts or even pledging increasing spending would be crazy but like Clegg and the Tuition fees, its what his party really want that so if Miliband has a weak moment he might come to rue it for a long time.

  • David

    LesAbbey – I’ve got something you’d be interested in seeing, how can I get in touch with you?

    • LesAbbey

       I will email you later David.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Les, thanks for keeping Labourhome going lately with some interesting posts.

    I’ve figured out how to login and comment, but can us old Labourhome lags still post articles?  I cannot see anywhere on my control panel that lets me create an article.  Does that need enabling by Alex, or someone?

    I fancied doing a short test article along the lines off:

    Watched the G4S committee evidence this lunchtime.  No MP asked the question I was dying to hear an answer to:

    “I understand from your evidence that the contract is to supply about 10,000 temporary security staff for a management fee of about £50 million. You also gave evidence that the security staff will be paid £8.50/hour, plus a £1/hour retrospective bonus if they complete their assigned duties.

    Doing some back-of-envelope maths, that works out as a management fee of about £5,000 per security worker. If the average worker trained for 1 week, then worked for 3 weeks at 40 hours/week, I work out they would be paid about £1,500 each for the Olympics.

    Could you tell me if my understanding of your basic business model is correct, in that you earn a £5,000 management fee for each temporary employee paid about £1,500? And secondly, does that £1,500 pay + NI etc costs come out of your £5,000 fee, or is that cost paid to you by LOCOG on top of your management fee?”

    • Info

      I think it will be open for other posters again fairly soon. If I hear I will send you an email.

  • Me

    It was the Labour Party that decided to abolish free university education and introduce fees. Social mobility fell rapidly under Labour. Most other countries can afford to educate their population to degree level, even countries like Poland invest in their young people this way. But not Britain under Labour, no Labour needed the money so that non-doms billionaires wouldn’t have to pay tax.

    But Labour also admitted that they wanted to ‘create a market in education’, that was their real motivation for introducing tuition fees, they said so.

    And their longest standing PM was in the news again this morning claiming that we must not blame the bankers.

    Labour are more right wing than the Tories and are utterly vile. I’m gonna vote SNP.

    • Anonymous

       Lucky you to be in Scotland, me I’m not going to vote for any of the shower, Tory Labour  Liberal all  seem to be fighting the same people the poor