All’s not fair in the Tories

Jeremy Hunt - now part of cockney rhyming slang

I do seem to find some little gems in the opinion pages of the Telegraph. As I’ve stated before I’m a bit of an admirer of Peter Oborne. Today’s gem isn’t from him, but from the Telegraph’s Deputy Political Editor, James Kirkup. He comments about the unfairness of Cameron quickly referring Sayeeda Warsi for investigation by the ministerial standards guy, but not Jeremy Hunt. Now Kirkup has his own theories as to why this is so which you can read here.

Of course Cameron is wrong. We all know what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I don’t really want to go too deeply into the case of Jeremy Hunt because most readers will have had their fill of the story already. I will just add a correction to one line that Cameron has tried a few times. It’s that Hunt had to be doing his job fairly because just look at the decision he made in the end. Now even someone with a memory as bad as mine could see that Hunt was moving along a line of allowing the BSkyB takeover to happen right up until the Milly Downer phone hacking story broke. At that point even News international knew that the game was over, at least for now.

The broader point I would like to make is how our political class really does treat the public as idiots. The things I can say about Cameron and his cabinet I could easily say about Blair, Brown and theirs.

You do not need to be genius to see what would be the correct moral and ethical decision to make on whether Hunt should be investigated. We have a simple test that was invented right here in Britain in the 14th. Century. It’s called Occam’s Razor. Putting it very simply it’s to look for the obvious answer first. Bringing it up to the 18th. Century we could say “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

This isn’t to say Jeremy Hunt is guilty. It’s to say that when Cameron decides whether to have an inquiry or not he should base that decision on the most obvious case first, at least to the public perception of what has happened. Anything else is just an insult to the public. If after Sir Alex Allen looks into it and if he finds that Hunt is innocent then Cameron has an argument he can use.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if Occam’s Razor is a suitable concept to use here. Your “simplest” explanation – That Hunt was going approve the BSkyB deal whatever, is no simpler than the opposing one – Hunt was going to do whatever OFT and Ofcom recommended.

    Obviously without the Dowler revelations  if they were going to recommend it than Hunt would have ended up doing what he wanted, but it would have been the ‘right’ thing. If you have to choose between cock up or conspiracy, cock up always wins as conspiracies are far more complex.

    That said if I were Cameron I’d send both to Sir Allan’s office since you do have to treat employees equally (Imagine Warsi at the Employment Tribunal arguing unfair dismissal). I do think lots of Tories seem to have taken against Warsi but I think she connects well with the voters and would be a loss to the gaiety of the nation if she resigned.

  • Helen Rees56

    Dear Labour Party,

    I just checked Conservative Home- this website seems to be modelled in the same way, but you have missed a few tricks: they only put Labour Watch as a separate pull-down on the menu, making the usual Tory propaganda/ poisonous bile look reasonable. Also, they updated it sooner. No bugger is actually going to read all this stuff, but they manage to make it look attractive.
    You don’t. Why not ditch Tim-Montgomerie-World & do something different anyway? Get a new web designer??I couldn’t find a ‘general comment on this website’ menu, so have posted this comment attached to a particular article. 

    So: particular article. I just can’t understand this Jeremy Hunt stuff:

    1. Vince Cable indicates that he is prepared to be rigorous about the BSky B bid.
    2. He gets sacked as the Powers That Be want it to go through on the nod.
    3. They appoint Jeremy Hunt to do the necessary.
    4. Jeremy does his best, but then various events overtake.
    5. Everybody gets in a mess.
    6. Especially Mr Cameron, as ‘heir to Blair’.

    You lot are wasting my life- please stop it.


    PS Shall I do a blog of my own?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    LabourHome is virtually dead and has been for several years, run as it is by someone who recently resigned their Labour membership and only has posts from one idiosyncratic Labour supporter.

    If you can work out WordPress, please blog here and give us something different to read about.

  • Had Enough Of The LIes

    Labourhome was brilliant.  Then there were court cases and moderated posting ,  then it got plagued by spam (and I include the party loyalist trolls that used to appear) and it’s followers slowly dwindled away.

    Now it’s back but sadlyonly a few die-hards remain.