The Empire Strikes Back

The Evil Emperor

What a strange couple of days. The Dirty Digger’s evil empire flexed its muscles on Sunday, but by Monday the Beeb had made some more, and by the looks of it, extremely serious problems for them.

There has always been a suspicion that News International (NI) holds back from exposing all the peccadilloes they discover of politicians in order to give them power over those individuals. Many feel this is why it took so long to start investigating the News of the World.

If that’s so it’s seems to be very close to blackmail, but as must often be the case one in which the victims are not prepared to testify. Could this explain why Ed Miliband has been fairly quiet on NI recently? Another explanation could be connected with the ‘secret’ meetings between Miliband and Blair. Was Blair representing Murdoch in his meetings with the new leadership? He has form on this as we know he asked Brown to call off Tom Watson’s attacks on Murdoch towards the end of the last government.

Still back to the Sunday Times sting on the Tories. Was there more to it than just the story. Was it the old man’s warning to Cameron that he isn’t prepared to go down alone? And go down he and NI could well do if Monday’s Panorama leads to a criminal investigation into NI’s alleged hacking of its competitors in the digital TV markets of Italy and Britain. It seems to be just one executive spilling the beans away from a disaster for Murdoch.

Murdoch’s real problem is how it’s all perceived in Washington. Unlike the UK where Murdoch cultivated politicians of all varieties, in the US he is seen as being a player on behalf of just one party, the Republicans. His Fox News network, the jewel in the NI empire, has very few friends in the governing Democrats. Now that we know that the US Department of Justice is looking into what NI has been up to in both Italy and Britain, Murdoch must be hoping that Obama is not re-elected.



  • DevonChap

    Next week, is the good weather a plot by Murdoch to distract from the hacking scandal?

    • Anonymous

       Worse while labour is dying on it’s feet Tom Watson lost the battle in Bradford to a Socialist in Galloway.

      While labour is now  moving from the NHS which it lost it’s gone back to  Crime Crime crime, and Edward the posh boy is talking about middle class middle Britain.

      sadly nobody gives a toss about the Murdock’s now it’s gone it over in the minds of people , we are now seeing I suspect the end of the labourb party as a party of the working class to a paty of the middle class, New labour is dead welfare to newer labour

      • Anonymous

         Its a pity all the real left has is George Galloway and tax dodging Livingstone.

        We appear to have a choice of Wallace without Gromit from Labour and the Marx brothers from the Coalition.

  • LesAbbey

    More news today. It isn’t only Britain and Italy where News International companies are being associated with hacking their digital TV competitors smart cards. They are being accused of doing it in Australia too. Here’s the BBC story link.

    How long before Ofcom have to make a decision?

  • LesAbbey

    So James Murdoch now gives up the BSB chairmanship. My suspicion is he has no intention of coming back to Britain for fear of being arrested. The test of this theory will be whether he shows at the Leveson inquiry next month.

    If he doesn’t it could be a good test of  that US-British extradition treaty to see if it works in both directions.

  • Anonymous

    Just to show that the devil isn’t all bad. Bradley Wiggins of Team SKY becomes the first Briton to win the Tour de France. I hope that all here will be big enough to thank James Murdoch for supporting the founding of the team and funding so well. Without him none of this would have happened. Don’t take my word for it, Dave Brailsford, head of Team Sky says so.