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What does the working man do when he no longer has a political party to turn to? He can see he is being made to pay for the mistakes of the bankers and the political class, but finds none of the politicians willing to stand up and say that the rich should pay, not the poor. What happens when the social democratic party has the same policies as the party representing capital?

This is what is happening in Greece. Both main parties have played a part in creating the problems and both have a similar answer of austerity. If the social democratic party is not willing to represent the people it should, then there are others offering false gods who are willing to do so. Should it really be like this?

Yet Ed Miliband and the Labour leadership are walking dangerously close to the position taken by Papandreou’s PASOK. In fact it should be remembered that Papandreou is the president of the Socialist International which includes the British Labour Party. So when Labour leaders criticize protests taking place outside the confines of our political parties they should remember how bad it can get if they don’t take care of their own.

Someone must represent those in opposition to present coalition policies. If not Labour, then who? Lose control of the opposition and you may become as hated as Papandreou.

  • http://www.thebritishcitizen.com BritishCitizen

    ‘Milibland’ is in no danger of being hated… he would have to say or do something effective to achieve that.

    At the moment he’s an irrelevance and completely ineffectual.

    • swatantra

      Good article Les. And the question posed is a relevant one.
      An answer might be that a Social Democratic Party actually believes in democracy and the democratic process being followed. So, if the Party leaders are expressing the wishes of the Party as a whole after consultation and arriving at a majority decision, then thats ok. The minority should accept that decision otherwise they don’t really know what democracy is really about and are in truth ‘facists’ with a small ‘f’ , prima donnas that believe their view is the ony solution. In which case they will form a splinter Party of the Left and more than likely disappear altogether.
      Dan Hodges has been very critical of Eds performance in general; and he’s not the only one.

  • Robertwoodbridge

    Labour lost the votes of two million disabled people by ed Milliband not wanting to engage with the wheelchair lady at this years party conference, when she asked Ed if the labour party would be a champion of disabled people losing benefits and rights under this tory led coalition.if you also consider the votes of the family and freinds of those disabled, then you have lost about 9 millionvotes for labour, Working class people have lost faith in labour as it seems to pander to the middle classes for votes and ignoring its core voters and this is why we are no longer in Government! working class core ex -labour voters and supporters are turning to the BNP, EDL and english democrats and not because they believe in thier policies, but because those parties listen to thier concerns, something our labour party don’t seem to be doing but if they are then they appear not to being saying what they are going to do about it.

    • Anonymous

      Miliband is what we use to call a wet, he’s blue labour, he’s purple labour, he’s even Labour if he believes that will get him a vote, problem is for Miliband and the many others in all political parties to day the wages are good the ideology gets in the way and the most important part of politics is the address book…..

  • LesAbbey

    Interesting that Papandreou has offered a referendum on the issue. The size of the protest has obviously scared him.

    Again repeating my argument, if the social democrats do not represent the people we leave the door open to more revolutionary politicians.