• LesAbbey

    It does seem like standing in the middle of this fight is a no-winner. If you believe that a two-state solution is the only practical answer and we should move to it at the utmost speed expect bricks thrown for both sides.

    One side is Revisionist Zionism which believes that anything less than 100% support for every action by the Israeli government is the absolute minimum required, while on the other we have the cuddling up to backward extreme Islamic organizations.

    And yes one side is prepared to kill innocent Arabs as just collateral damage while the other side executes gay Muslims. I know the argument will come that doesn’t Hamas kill innocents as well. Well yes they do, but that doesn’t give an excuse to do the same.

  • Anonymous

    Best to say sod all otherwise you only have the people who back one side or the other having a go at you.

    • swatantra

      The trouble is we can’t afford to stay quiet because the most likly cause of WWIII is likely to be sparked of in the Middle East and the most likly instigator being Israel taking potshots with nukes at Iran or Palestinians. 4 Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated and Israel likely to be behind that with the conivance of the CIA.

  • swatantra

    I’ve always believed in a one State solution. And that State would have been a Palestine State, with both Arabs and Jews living side by side.
    There was really no need to create a Jewish State in the heart of the Arab world. The Allies only did so because they had the guilt of the Holocaust on them and Begin and his lot turned terrorist to drive the British out.
    I know Balfour had arlier hinted at a Jewish state. But it should have been put in Europe as most of the Jewish Diaspora were in Europe, carved out of Germany Poland and Russia.
    Yesterday we saw at the UN a plea for recognition of Palestine and a plea for talks. But it is going nowhere as long as the Israelis have the upper hand. Talks will only begin when the situation is reversed.

    • LesAbbey

      Swatantra historically you are probably correct, but the world has to deal with the realities of here and now. In this case an Israeli state exists and we would never convince the Jewish people there that Zionism has no place in the middle-east. Short of a massacre and ethnic cleaning by one side or the other a two state solution seems the only choice left.

      Sometimes history limits our choices. An example would be the Armenian people. I suspect it’s far too late to expect the Turks to give back land that they obtained my the massacre of the Armenians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619237189 Sara Apps

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